Stemple I matryczki Zrywacze DAYStrip


Stripping system with or without contour.

Available in three sizes, which fit most retainers offered by Dayton. Moreover, we sell DAYStrip as blanks if our customers wish to finish the stripper by themselves.

This stripper excels by ist solidity, long tool life, high stripping force and its reliable quality.The product is distributed in three different dimension levels to match diverse combinations of punch and retainer. According to our customers' needs, DAYStrip can be ordered as semi-finished product or as finished part with cutting contour or disposed by 3D geometry.

All angle positions are defined in stamping direction.Please note in this context that the angle stated in the order information specification always refers to the punch. With BallLock device, the mounting bolt and thus the DAYStrip rotating/pivoting surface is always oriented to the sphere. If a different angle is indicated, the outer contour of the bronze-graphite insert rotates with the part contour. A version whose cutting contour is twisted in relation to the outer contour of the bronze-graphite insert can only be ordered based on drawing (special item quote). Standard angle positions are divided in 15° steps/increments. Angles located within these steps are available on demand.

Dane techniczne

For stripping inserts with part contour, Dayton provides blanks as long as 35 or 45 mm. Items meant for these applications may be manufactured according to customer's 3D drawings. Maximum  transversal charge must not exceed 15°!Please make sure that the parameter for L2 L does not fall below the allowed minimum.

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