PICSY – Reduce time and cost

The two parts of Dayton Progress' Picsy unit

A cost-effective and extremely simple solution for moving press tool scrap or finished parts where height is at a premium and scrap chutes are close to being horizontal.

Why should you use an external energy source (electricity or air), when there is kinetic energy already present?

The principle of kinetic energy is used by our mechanical scrap transportation unit PICSY. It is driven by the movement of the press, so does not require a connection to electricity or air. This means: reduced maintenance times, no follow-up costs, no additional effort when changing tools and no need to have an electric point or air feed near to the press.

The clever solution for the transporting of press tool scrap or finished parts.


Small initial cost, reduced installation time and no operating costs.
Starting from 269.00€, the PICSY is available from the MISUMI Webshop (WOS)*

*see data sheet for all order details. Also obtainable via DAYTON.


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