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Press Die Components PICSY - scrap unit Punching discharge unit PICSY

Punching discharge unit PICSY

A cost-effective and extremely simple solution for moving press tool scrap or finished parts where height is at a premium and scrap chutes are close to being horizontal.

PICSY uses the existing kinetic energy of the press to convey press tool scrap or finished parts. As a result, neither wiring nor tubing is necessary. Maintenance times and tool changes are noticeably reduced.

Functional description

PICSY's mechanism uses the vertical movement of the press. The vertical force is transmitted via a gear on a horizontal rack and pushes the shooter plate to the front. Two strong springs then let it snap back again.

Due to the principle of inertia, the scrap or finished parts do not move backwards. They are then transported forward on the next stroke of the press by the respective feed of the unit.

Application video

Technical details


Order number
[complete Unit]


PICSY Square L Typ


Up to a stroke of 70 mm
Larger parts – more than 150 mm width

PICSY Square M Typ


Up to a stroke of 40 mm
Medium sized parts – up to 150 mm width

PICSY S Typ Vertikale Ausführung


Up to a stroke of 23 mm
Smaller parts – up to 50 mm width

PICSY S Typ Horizontale Ausführung


Up to a stroke of 23 mm
Smaller parts – up to 50 mm width