Punch and Die SlugKeeper™ SlugKeeper™, Slug Retention Machine

SlugKeeper™, Slug Retention Machine

SlugKeeper™ is used to grind grooves in a certain angle and depth into the die opening. The grooves will produce a tang on the slug, which is distorted as it is pushed into the grooved die opening. Thanks to this distortion the Slug will remain in the die. The die and the slug from the following stamping process will push the slug through the die opening

The SlugKeeper is available in two versions.
Version 2 comes with a microscope camera and a tablet. 


Do not let slugs endanger and damage your work and your die any longer!

Technical details

  1. Grinding wheel
  2. Lights
  3. Stepless adjustment of grinder height
  4. Spring slide unit (cutting movement done manually)
  5. Handwheel for angle adjustment (up to 5 degrees to the left and right of the center)
  6. Micrometer gauge
  7. Air hose
  8. Depth adjustment of the slide stop
  9. Permanent magnet

Version 2 updated with

  • Tablet PC
  • Microscope camera


Grinding wheels

Avaiable and part of the shipment are: One diamond grinding wheel and one Borazon grinding wheel with the following diameters:

  • Ø 0,51 mm (0,020 in)
  • Ø 0,89 mm (0,035 in)
  • Ø 1,58 mm (0,062 in)
  • Ø 2,36 mm (0,093 in)