About us

Dayton Progress is a specialist in stamping solutions. Whether you require Punches, Die Buttons, Retainers - in either standard or special parts - we find the right solution for you.  We even Include the needed accessories. Thanks to years of experience, we can be your point of contact for products according to OEM standards and industry standards.



DAYTON PROGRESS stands for over 90 years of experience in production and distribution of press die components. Whether punches, die buttons and retainer according to standards or customer requirements - we find the right solution for you! One of our strenghts is our ability to meet individual customer requirements. With five subsidiaries and dealer in more than 15 countries in Europe, we are there for our customers with our products and our know-how.
DAYTON PROGRESS has been a subsidiary of the MISUMI Group since 2012, a global manufacturer of configurable components and standard components for special machining, factory automation and mold die. This global corporate structure means that toolmakers and operators can rely on the fact that the required components are available everywhere - no matter which norms and standards they follow.


MISUMI is an international company and leader in the production and distribution of all kind of components for dies. The product range covers items for special machining, factory automation, mold die and press die.
Since 2003 MISUMI has been represented in Europe by the European subsidiary MISUMI Europe GmbH. Located in Frankfurt/Main, it allows us to react quickly to our customer's demands. Once an order is placed from our catalogue we deliver products within a short period of time.
MISUMI works according to the QCT principle - Quality / Cost / Time. The claim is to deliver the highest quality with reduced cost in a short time. Through the partnership of MISUMI and DAYTON PROGRESS customers benefit from the bundled competences.



Establishment of company 

Foundation of Bernhard Schneider Schnitt- und Stanzwerkzeuge KG in Oberursel/Ts, Germany. One concentrated on press die products. The most important customers came from automotive and aviation company.


Foundation of Dayton Progress Ltd., UK


Foundation of Dayton Progress SAS, France


Foundation of Dayton Progress, Perfuradores, Lda, Portugal


Misumi bought Dayton

DAYTON PROGRESS Corporation is bought by MISUMI Group Inc.

Product range

Our product range covers almost everything you need to equip and operate die tools. From punches, retainers, die buttons, various stripping systems, slide systems, coil or gas pressure springs to material guidance, guide elements and accessories - all from the hand of a strong partner!

With a coating machine in our factory, we offer our customers a further advantage. If desired products should be coated, time savings of up to 7 days can be achieved.

Our focus

DAYTON has always cultivated a strong partnership with car manufacturers and their supplier industry. Customers benefit from the fact that we offer the right product range and can advise them on standards and industry standards. Changes in design, materials and requirements have been with us for many years and we are constantly evolving.


Other industries in which we are at home include the punching of fittings, the manufacture of white goods and very small and filigree electronic components.

In order to meet these different requirements and to support our customers, we rely on a well-trained technical field and office staff.

Global distribution

Within Europe Dayton has five subsidiaries in Germany, Czech Republic, France, UK as well as a production facility in Portugal. Furthermore, we have distributors in many other European countries.

Worldwide DAYTON subsidiaries and distributors can be found in North America, South America, Asia, Australia and South Africa.


No matter wherever you are, you will have a point of contact and access to DAYTON and MISUMI products.