Slug Control

Dayton Slug Control is a guaranteed method for reducing the risk of pulling slugs to the die surface during withdrawal of the punch. An exact amount of “trap” is applied to the slug to prevent it from returning to the die surface. A series of grooves is designed inside the die button (see drawing). There, the slugs are trapped until they are pushed through the relief by the next slug. The use of Dayton Slug Control has no effect on the size of the hole, and will not require any changes in current regrind practices.

This alteration works in any die button from a hole diameter ≥ 1.1 mm and maximum 10% clearance per side. Whether the die button has a counter bored hole or a tapered hole in the slug relief area. It works in shapes as well as round holes.

Using the Dayton Slug Control system reduces or eliminates the following die maker treatments:

• breaking all cut edges
• bell-mouthing die buttons
• dome or shear angles on punch points
• dulling punches
• notching punches
• entering punches deeper
• Punch breakage due to double hits
• Costly vacuum sleeves
• Die maintenance time
• Press downtime, wasted material and lost man hours

The slug control is specified by alteration XSC and needs material thickness (inches) and clearance per side for production.



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