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Ejectors filled with nitrogen gas

Ejectors EJ16 and EJ24

DAYTON‘s gas springs with male thread can be perfectly applied as ejector and replace classic spring plungers. Gas springs are not classified in different levels of spring force (colour marks) because the gas amount is filled individually. In use, the gas pressure may be adjusted from the bottom.

Technické údaje

filling agent: nitrogen gas
maximum operation temperature: 75°
maximum speed: 0,8m/s

Maximum number of cycles (in a certain period of time)

pass length up to 30 mm: 180 passes/min.
pass length 40 to 70 mm: 120 passes/min.
pass length 80 to 100 mm: 80 passes/min.
spring dimensions: M16 x 1,5 M24 x 1,5
minimum filling pressure: 20 bar 20 bar
maximum filling pressure: 140 bar 170 bar


Standardní tvary

All springs have the same design features and are suitable for filling pressure between 20 and 140 bar (EJ16) resp. 170 bar (EJ24).
The ejectors of EJ type correspond to the guideline VDI 3004.