Die Storage Blocks

Die Storage Blocks Dayton Progress

Introducing safety die storage blocks: the safest and most efficient system for working on and storing stamping dies. Your team deserves to work in a safe environment. Handling dies is no exception. Crushing accidents are frequent occurrences in our industry. Minimize it. Help alleviate the possibility of ever placing a hand or foot under tons of crushing force.

Conventional methods mean employees must reach under the tooling every time they set it down. Our safety blocks reduce the need for a user to place their hand or foot in harm’s way. Placement is done above the tooling. Helping keep your extremities clear of the crushing danger. No more unsafe reaching. No more searching through unmatching scrap wood. And no more wasting time wiping dies clean of dirt, slugs and steel chips that accumulate from the floor.

Die Storage Blocks elevate your tooling off the floor by 75 millimeters, are rated to 30 tons each and come in safety yellow for high visibility and quick recognition. Each block contains a strong spring-loaded handle that quickly and securely engages the block to the slotted casting or base plate for easy, secure and safe installation.

Just latch them on the die while your team constructs, maintains and stores your tooling. Professionally showcase and store your dies. Increase your productivity. And most importantly: Keep your workplace safe. Stop putting your team`s fingers and hands in harm`s way.

Keep your Team safe and your dies clean!

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  • Long time experience
  • Large product variety
  • Individual configuration
  • Highest quality
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