Dostosowanie parametrów produktu za pomocą  X

Zmiany umożliwiają Państwu dostosowanie naszych standardowych produktów do Państwa indywidualnych potrzeb. Modyfikacje te podlegają pewnym ograniczeniom wymiarowym głównie ze względów technologicznych. Właściwe skonfigurowanie produktu uwzględniającego zmiany katalogowe, pozwala Państwu na otrzymanie specjalnego wykonania, które nadal pozostanie standardem, co znacząco wpłynie na krótki termin realizacji.

Ball Seat

The Ball Seat specifies the location of the ball for Ball Lock punches. The standard Ball Seat Location is at 90° and will be used when no other information is given.

Classified Shapes

We offer classified shapes in addition to the standard shapes. No extra CAD data needed. You just name us the shape (e.g. C21) and the needed dimensions.


Whatever your company produces: by the choice of the coating you can increase productivity, life time and production time. This helps to reduce costs and to be more efficient.

Die buttons

Die Buttons serve as a counterpart of the punch and provide the opposite cutting edge in the stamping process. As a result, the optimum ratio of shear or burnish to rollover and break of the generated hole can be ensured.

Die Clearance

A long-time industry “rule of thumb“ used by die makers for the clearance between the punch and die button is 5% of the stock thickness per side. However, extensive research and testing have shown that a significant increase in punch-to-die-clearance up to...

Ejector pin

The ejector pin is also called Jektole® in the DAYTON world. Jektole® is integrated in the punch and serves to eject the slug from the punch point. Whether Ball Lock, Press Fit, Tuff Punch, 60°or 30° head, trombone neck – Jektole® can be used with every DAYTON punch.

Gauge to check the precise position of ball seat

With punches, gauges are used to examine if the ball seat is located as it should. If the punch is run in a retainer plate complying to ANSI standard, this check has to be executed. A ball seat which is correctly located guarantees a correct lock and avoids insecure locking states.

Key Flats

Key Flats are essential when shaped punches and die buttons are used. Otherwise, the designed holes will be different than planned. Key flats are available as single flat, double flat or for dowels.

Punching systems

DAYTON PROGRESS offers three punching systems: Ball Lock, Press Fit and Versatile. Each of these systems has advantages and disadvantages and is used in various industries.

Slug Control

Dayton Slug Control is a guaranteed method for reducing the risk of pulling slugs to the die surface during withdrawal of the punch. An exact amount of “trap” is applied to the slug to prevent it from returning to the die surface.

Stripping systems

In general, part material must first be held during punching and later stripped to avoid pulling up of the part material during withdrawal of the punch. For this purpose, there are various versions of hold-down or stripping systems, which are generally called stripper.