Componentes para troqueleria Carros UMIX NZ1-RF y Z2-370-RF

UMIX NZ1-RF y Z2-370-RF

The NZ1 cam series utilizes the guide pin (shaft) technology, which will maintain stability in the cam slide area and is easily inserted and removed (world patented). Therefore, it is easy to disassemble the slide cam from the cam base or in the die where the cam is placed/mounted (even in the press). This structure greatly reduces the disassembly/reassembly time and helps to improve efficiency at any stage of the process.

*The location of mounting screws/dowels remains the same among “NZ1-RF/TF/BF.” Therefore, depending on the circumstance, a cam can be interchanged to one in a different force, even after the completion of stamping die.

NZ1 cam series has the range of working surface width from 90mm to 400mm, with addition of 38mm cam face width (aerial cam only). UMIX cam series has a variety angles in 5-degree increments, from 0 to 75 degrees for aerial and from 0 to 25 degrees for die mount.


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Detalles técnicos

Flying and die mount cams available

Width from 38mm to 1.600mm.

Angles from 0° to 75° for flying cams, and to 25° for die mount cams.