Dayton Progress fue víctima de un ataque cibernético criminal en la mañana del 13 de diciembre de 2022. El incidente fue detectado por nuestros sistemas de seguridad, con lo cual inmediatamente tomamos las medidas de protección integrales adecuadas. Junto con expertos externos, estamos trabajando para restaurar nuestros sistemas lo más rápido posible. Para mas informacion, pueden contactarnos de nuevo utilizando los correos habituales.

We care about your time - our new claim!

Many people see DAYTON only as a supplier. With over 90 years of experience we can say that we are more than that.

Problem solver

Our attempt is to provide help to you. We always want to serve you and find a solution for any situation you are in. Our line of arguments for a new idea/product/solution/service is always based on your issues/interests.

Reliable partner

You can rely on us as your partner. We take care of you, listen to your issues and try to find the best solution.


This mindset gives us the strength to be a well-known and respected partner for you.

Part of a big international company

We use the strength of being part of the MISUMI Group to provide the best service to you.

Big product range

Our products and solutions are problem solver. We offer features and benefits.

DAYTON PROGRESS - We care about your time!