Punzones y matrices Sistema de punzonado Straight punches 60° according to DIN 9861

Straight punches 60° according to DIN 9861

60° punches from DAYTON are available with ejector pin and without ejector pin.

We etch all punches according to customers' wish.

DAYTON® JEKTOLE®, the punch version with ejector pin. During regrinding operation, the ejector pin is locked. Thus you do not lose time for disassembling the punch.

Intermediate sizes in 0.01 mm increments on request.
Further alterations and coatings can be found here.
Punch in solid carbide on request.

Detalles técnicos

Material HRC
M2 (HSS) 60-63
Head 40-55

AWXDJ with ejector pin
AWXD without ejector pin

Como pedir

  • Type
  • Body & Length Codes
  • Steel

AWXD 4,7 80 M2 XCN
AWXDJ 16 71 M2