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Despegadores UST

The UST steel stripper is often used with cams but also as a reliable stripping system if there is not enough space for stipper plates in order to prevent the metal sheet from lifting as the punch retracts. The steel stripper can be equipped with a 3D surface to follow the work piece contour.

The max. side load of 5° is permitted.

The UST steel stripper can be used for following punches:

  • Ball Lock, heavy duty
  • Ball Lock, light duty
  • Press Fit
  • Punches with/without Center dowel
  • Punches with/without ejector pin (Jektole®)

Detalles técnicos

Material HRC
A2 (HWS) 60-63
M2 (HSS) 60-63
PS 63-65
Kopf 40-55


Formas clasificadas