VISILock - Reduce the risk of damages in the tool

Whether on the platform at the train station, on wine glasses, in a mixer or in traffic - markings are everywhere. And they make our lives easier and safer.

We thought about safety when we developed the marking on the Ball Lock punch. From now on on all Ball Lock punches.

Description of the problem

With the Ball Lock System, the punch is positioned and fixed by a ball in the retainer. If the punch is not positioned correctly, the ball will not snap into the spherical cap.

What could happen?

If the punch does not fit correctly and thus secured, it can come off the retainer during the punching process. If he falls into the tool, this can result in high damages.

How can this be avoided?

After insertion, the punch must be turned to the correct position to engage the ball. Usually there is a clicking sound. Due to background noise or other reasons, however, it is possible that the clacking is not heard. Or it is simply forgotten to position the stamp.

A simple and ingenious solution is now offered by VISILock. A mark in the form of a "T" on the punch shows the user during installation that the Ball Lock punch is installed at the correct depth and angle with respect to the retainer.


VISILock - correct positioning simplified

Akustisch acoustically    visuell visually

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  • Large product variety
  • Individual configuration
  • Highest quality
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