Information on cyberattack

What is known about the cyber attack?

Dayton Progress fell victim to a targeted, criminal cyberattack on the morning of December 13th, 2022. The incident was detected by our security systems. Subsequently, affected IT systems were immediately isolated and secured. An investigation was also conducted by external IT specialists and the data protection supervisory and police authorities were informed.

Have there been similar or comparable incidents in the company before?


Can inquiries and orders be processed?

Since mid-January we can be reached again at our regular email addresses. Inquiries and orders will be processed by us with the usual care and speed. In addition, we are also available by telephone.

What effect does the incident have on production? Are there any restrictions in the variety of products and/or are delivery times longer than usual?

The cyber attack has no negative impact on our manufacturing. It is running at 100%. We manufacture all products with the same high quality. Furthermore the delivery time for new orders is as fast as usual.

What actions have been taken for the future?

After the complete and final analysis in cooperation with external security specialists, we have already introduced additional measures to further improve the protection of our systems and data.

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