Gauge to check the precise position of ball seat

With punches, gauges are used to examine if the ball seat is located as it should. If the punch is run in a retainer plate complying to ANSI standard, this check has to be executed. A ball seat which is correctly located guarantees a correct lock and avoids insecure locking states.

Yet, if the ball lock is dislocated oft he secure locking zone, the punch may twist, i.e. it could be shifted upwards or move downwards or – as worst case – be pulled out oft he retainer plate. Such displacements may be provoke costly repaise of the die.

Whereas the locking installation is designed according to the standard, the dimensions of ball seat are not. All manufacturers of (spring-based) BallLock punches should use a gauge which meets ANSI standard B94.17 in order to guarantee that the ball seat position of their products is correct. This gauge allows operators to check a punch before it is inserted in the die, making sure that the locking function does not cause expensive damage and consequently machine downtime.


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