Ejector pin

The ejector pin is also called Jektole® in the DAYTON world. Jektole® is integrated in the punch and serves to eject the slug from the punch point. Whether Ball Lock, Press Fit, Tuff Punch, 60°or 30° head, trombone neck – Jektole® can be used with every DAYTON punch.

The entire system consists of three parts: Jektole® Pin, Spring, Set Screw. All components are removable and can be reordered and possibly replaced.

Jektole® extends from the punch point to the side vent hole on the punch, which primarily allows pressure equalization inside. The spring on top of the Jektole® ensures the necessary force of the ejector pin. The set screw is screwed into the head of the punch and secures the entire system.

During impact the punch first makes contact with the part material. At the same time the ejector pin is pushed back and compressed the spring. The punch can work as usual and produces the desired hole geometry in the part material. After breaking out the slug, the spring can decompress and pushes the ejector pin out of the punch. In this regard, the slug is released from the punch point.

In order to regrind the punch, the Keeper Key is used. It is defined as a restraining device, which is inserted through the side vent hole from the outside into the punch and locks the pressed ejector pin below the head of the pin. The pin is held in the punch and reground together with the punch point. When removing the Keeper Key, the pin is released again and protrudes the punch in the same length as the wire diameter of the Keeper Key. In this way, despite regrinding the correct ejector pin length can be guaranteed.


  • Many years of experience
  • Large variety of products
  • Individual configuration
  • Very high quality
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