Punching systems

Press Fit

Press Fit has a head at the upper end of the shank, which fixes the punch in the retainer. As a result, the punch is held very firmly, but can only be changed by disassembly of the entire retainer.


DAYTON includes under the category Press Fit several head type punches and accessories.

Press Fit punches are the economic answer for simple sheet metal stamping and progressive tools that do not require the high precision of Versatile products.

Press Fit punches are used in many areas of sheet metal processing. For example, for the manufacturing of white goods (e.g., washing machines and dishwashers) and for fittings (e.g. windows and ceiling sections).

Press Fit: Punching system for everyday production

In the Press Fit category, DAYTON largely combines all common head type punches with the corresponding accessories. These include ISO 8020 punches, straight headed punches and heavy duty punches (Tuff Punch), but also pilots regular and positive pick up as well as punch retainer and guide bushings.

The material used is exclusively high-quality tool steel, which offer high wear resistance even for demanding materials and ensures burr-free cutting. Accordingly, expensive machine downtime for resharpening is reduced. All Press Fit products can be customized according to customer requirements.  

Further Information

Detailed descriptions and information on materials and dimensions can be found in the Press Fit catalogue.

Catalog           Press Fit products


Ball Lock

Ball Lock is a quick change system for punches. The features are a spherical cap on the shank of the punch and a ball in the punch retainer. This allows the Ball Lock punch to change without dismantling the whole punch-retainer-system.

With the Ball Lock quick change punches, DAYTON PROGRESS offers a system that enables an easy assembly and disassembly due to its intelligent design. Ball Lock punches are mainly used in the automotive industry for sheet metal processing of body-in-white and machining of metal parts on, for example, seats and belts. In this context, machining is understood as the perforation of components: From the locking part on the belt, through roofs and side panels to hoods, Ball Lock by DAYTON is part of everyday production in the automotive industry.

Characteristics of Ball Lock punches

Ball Lock punches are provided with a teardrop-shaped spherical cap, where the ball integrated into the retainer engages. With a special release tool, the mechanism can be unlocked and the punch can be pulled down. The retainer of the Ball Lock punch remains installed. Due to this fact, Ball Lock punches are also the only punch type where the punch point can be larger than the shank.

Designs of Ball Lock punches

Ball Lock punches from DAYTON PROGRESS are available in two different versions: Ball Lock punches can be used for heavy and light duty. In addition, they can be delivered with or without Jektole® or ejector pin. Our punches are made of hot work tool steel (HWS). In addition, high-speed steel (HSS) and powder steel (PS) are also used. The Ball Lock punches can be supplied up to a diameter of 40 mm either as a round punch or as a shaped punch. This applies to the DAYTON standards as well as to the specials.

Applications of Ball Lock punches

Ball Lock punches from DAYTON PROGRESS are mainly used in the automotive industry, where they are characterized by their effective construction and usability during the operation.

Do you have any questions or need detailed advice? Contact our customer service, who will be pleased to take care of your inquiries by e-mail or telephone. Detailed descriptions and information of materials and dimensions are provided in the DAYTON PROGRESS Ball Lock catalogue.

Catalog           Ball Lock products



DAYTON PROGRESS also offers with Versatile products in addition to Press Fit and Ball Lock punches for high precision applications in die building.

Versatile products and its applications

Versatile punches are manufactured with the highest precision and concentricity to guarantee tight tolerances. Therefore, Versatile products are usually used in very precise tools. That means in the electrical industry or to perforate a hole for seals and less in the machining of body parts of the automotive industry. Versatile products from DAYTON are used in the industrial machining of very small parts, such as circuit boards and connectors, as they are suitable for use on even the thinnest materials. Versatile punches and dies from DAYTON have approximately 100% tighter tolerances than common press-die standard components to ISO 8020.

Further information to Versatile products from DAYTON

Our Versatile product catalogue gives you all relevant information about our high precision products available in our range. You will find there detailed drawings, dimensions, tolerances and concentricity of the single products.

If you cannot find a product in the right dimensions, that is not a problem – we also manufacture special shapes on request. All Versatile punches are available in other dimensions in addition to the sizes listed in the catalogue.

Catalog           Versatile products


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