Střižné elementy Střižníky Střižníky s jíštěním na kuličku těžká řada

Střižníky s jíštěním na kuličku těžká řada

This type of Ball Lock punches is often used in confined spaces. "Normal" punches are limited in their geometry as the diameter can be maximum as big as the shank diameter. With punches of the type "point larger shank" you can exceed these limits.

Ball Lock punches with point larger shank are the simple and flexible solution when the space in a die is limited.

When to use Ball Lock

  • High volume production
  • Moderate precision
  • For soft or mild Steel
  • Low or medium speed press operations


Ball Lock punches for heavy duty have a bigger ball and can compensate higher stripping forces.

Ball Lock helps to reduce the down time of dies. The punch is locked into the retainer from beneath and fixed by the ball. When the punch needs to be changed, it can easily be pulled out without dismantling the whole punch-retainer-system.

The mark VISILock shows you if the Ball Lock stamp is correctly positioned in the retainer. The vertical line on the stamp shaft must be aligned with the central pin hole.

For punches with slug ejection
DAYTON® JEKTOLE®, the punch with slug ejection. Can be locked for sharpening without dismantling of the punch.
Pat. No. 2,917,960 und 3,255,654
DAYTON Keeper Keys are the perfect solution for regrinding.

We etch all punches according to customers' specification.

Technické údaje

Material HRC
M2 (HSS) 60-63
PS 63-65

BZ_ with slug ejection
BK_ without slug ejection

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