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Hledáčky | Ustavovací kolíky

Our pilots position the sheet in the tool. They dip into auxiliary holes and hold the material in the correct position. The geometry of postive pick up pilots from DAYTON provides smoother pick up without risk of distortion of hole.

DAYTON pilots are customizable to meet customer needs.

Technické údaje

Material HRC
A2 (HWS) 60-63
M2 (HSS) 60-63
PS (PS4) 63-65
Head 40-55



Pilots Regular
APT (Press Fit)
BPT (Ball Lock - heavy duty)
CPT (Ball Lock - light duty)
DPT (Versatile)

Positive Pick Up
APA (Press Fit - without center dowel)
SPA (Press Fit - with center dowel)
BPA (Ball Lock - heavy duty)
CPA (Ball Lock - light duty)
DPA (Versatile)

Příklad objednání

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