A Dayton Progress foi vítima de um ataque cibernético criminoso na manhã de 13 de dezembro de 2022. O incidente foi detetado pelos nossos sistemas de segurança, após o qual tomámos imediatamente as medidas de proteção apropriadas. Juntamente com especialistas externos, estamos a trabalhar para restaurar os nossos sistemas o mais rápido possível. Para mais informação, estamos novamente contactáveis pelos nossos endereços de e-mail habituais.

Componentes da Área das Prensas Die Storage Blocks Die Storage Blocks

Die Storage Blocks

Keep your Team safe and your dies clean!

Die Storage Blocks are the safest and most efficient way of maintaining and storing stamping dies. Our patent pending designs help to eliminate the possibility of accidental crushing of hands and feet. The spring loaded handle mechanism quickly and securely mounts the Die Storage Blocks to the tooling. This allows the dies to be moved around with the blocks attached. The tooling can than be placed onto storage racks or the floor without the need for employees to search for wood blocks of equal height. All the handling of the blocks is done above the tooling, helping to eliminate any injuries.

With our die storage blocks, hands no longer need to reach under heavy tooling. Placement is done above the tooling, keeping you clear of the crushing danger.

Dies stay clean, while your team constructs, maintains, and stores your tooling; even in the most demanding environments. Make your facility safer, cleaner and more efficient.

  • No more searching for boards or matching sized wood blocks to put under your dies.
  • No more tripping over unsightly and out of place scrap wood on your floor.
  • No more wasting time wiping dies clean of dirt, slugs, and steel chips they‘ve collected from the floor or rotting old boards


Application video

Especificaoes tecnicas

  • Load Limit 30 tons per block
  • Flange height
    DSB5075: 50 - 75 mm
    DSB2550: 25 - 50 mm (on request)
  • Powder coated in high visibility yellow

Exemplo de pedido

DSB5075: 50 - 75 mm
DSB2550: 25 - 50 mm (on request)