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Composant pour l'outillage de presse Postes à came UMIX NZ1-TF et Z2-370-TF

UMIX NZ1-TF et Z2-370-TF

To reach the maximum return force within a limited size range, extra gas springs, which start traveling approximately 10mm prior to die closed position, are added to "NZ1-BF," while the ease of cam maintenance remains the same.
"NZ1-BF" is recommended for high-strength steel or aluminum, as these type materials have been increasing in the market recently and will continue in the future.

*The location of mounting screws/dowels remains the same among “NZ1-RF/TF/BF.” Therefore, depending on the circumstance, a cam can be interchanged to one in a different force, even after the completion of stamping die.


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Données techniques

Flying and die mount cams available

Width from 38mm to 1.600mm.

Angles from 0° to 75° for flying cams, and to 25° for die mount cams.