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Postes à came MISUMI

Various application areas

MISUMI cams can be installed where there is no requirement for high lifting capacity (high number of strokes). They are mainly used for piercing and bending operations.

Wide range of different cam types

MISUMI cams have a range of mounting face widths from 50mm up to 600mm. In the standard range, there are 11 different variants of flying cams and 3 variants of die mounted cams. The working angles range from 0 degrees to 80 degrees for flying cams and 0 degrees to 20 degrees for die mounted cams.

MISUMI cams according to NAAMS

The MGFNS series complies with the NAAMS standard. They are available in 2 variants, with either gas springs or coil springs, this is determined by the suffix "GK"(gas) or "ISO"(coil). Also possible are variants that are only prepared for fitting with the respective spring type - the installation is then carried out by the customer. The addition here is "NGK" or "NISO".

Die design with MISUMI cams

CAD data can be downloaded for all types of cam from our download area. Both IGES and STEP formats are available. We also have catalogue available for download.

Click here for CAD data.


Overview of all available cams from MISUMI:

Type Feature Working angle
MGDCA Die Mounted cam unit with finished dowel holes 25-60 / 40-70 / 40-80 / 40-60 / 60
MGDC Standard Die Mounted cam unit 25-60 / 40-70 / 40-80 / 40-60 / 60
MGFNS Flying cam according to NAAMS 00-60
MGFLL Rigid flying cam unit 00-65
MGFVT V shape guide flying cam units for trim and flange 00-70
MGFTT Flying cam unit for trim and flange 00-70
MGFVL MGFVC with 50% longer stroke 00-50
MGFVH Based on MGFVA  00-75
MGFVA Similar to MGFVC but for heavy load piercing 00-60
MGFVC Compact flying cam units for piercing 00-80
MGFVW Standard flying cam unit, larger range 00-60
MGFVS Heavy duty version of MGFV 00-70
MGFV Standard flying cam unit 00-70
MGDCC Compact Die Mounted cam unit 55