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Punch and Die Special parts Special parts

Special parts

We manufacture according to your data!

Do you need a special punch or die? Then you are right with us. Our technical support can advise you and produce according to your wish.It does not matter whether the basis is a standard product or a complete special part. DAYTON PROGRESS is your specialist for special shapes and 3D contouring. Your data will be archived by us on request and can thus be retrieved by you at any time and used for the production of similar parts.


DAYTON PROGRESS can produce a wide variety of coatings in-house with the appropriate preparatory work, such as polishing. The coating process is operated by Oerlikon Balzers, which is directly integrated into our production. The following overview shows a selection of coatings which can be realized*:

• BALINIT® DLC Triton Star, XCD (CrN/aC:H)
• BALINIT® Hardlub, XANL (TiAlN+ WC/C)
• BALINIT® Futura Nano, XAN (TiAlN)
• BALINIT® AlcronaPro, XNA (AlCrN)
• BALINIT® AlcronaPro Advanced, XNAP (AlCrN)
• BALINIT® Crovega, XND (CrN)
• BALINIT® Lumena (TiAlN)

*by indicating the DAYTON callout

Hardening process / Heat treatment

All parts can be vacuum hardened or nitrided as required. Furthermore, we have the technical facilities for inductive surface hardening.

3D editing

If required, all parts can be delivered with oversize for your final machining in ZSB or machined ready for installation.


We etch according to customers' wish.

Technical details

• Prismatical parts
• Material: steel (no plastic, no cast iron)

We process the following data types:
• Step
• Catia V5

DAYTON PROGRESS has an extensive stock of prematerials in various tool steels and powder metallurgical steels. In addition, we can use special materials according to your requirements. You can find a selection of materials which we have already processed below:

M2 (1.3343)


ASP 30

D2 (1.2379) ASP 2005 K 340 1.4201
O2 (1.2842) ASP 2053 S 390 1.4205
PS ASP 2023 K 390 HWS Premium
PS4 K 890 CALDIE  
VANADIS 4 1.7131 1.7242