Punch and Die Punching systems Retainers for headed punches

Retainers for headed punches

For ISO 8020 punches

TRUE LOCATION Retainers offer precise dowel locations allowing CNC machining of the punch and die plates. The dimensional accuracy also permits interchangeability of retainers that before could not have been done without plugging holes and re-machining for dowels.
Use Dayton’s Center Dowel Punches and Pilots for the best accuracy. With the dowel located directly over the center-line of the punch, accumulation of tolerances is eliminated. This provides the best possible alignment. In addition, only one dowel is needed for a round punch, a shaped punch requires a second dowel for radial location. An additional dowel hole is provided for use with die buttons.

For TuffPunch® punches

TuffPunch® Single Head Punch Retainers are designed specifically for use with TuffPunch® Punches—Jektole® and Regular. Only one dowel is required for round punches, reducing machining time by up to 50%. The in-line center dowel assures precise punch-to-matrix alignment, giving you higher quality parts, longer punch life, and reduced downtime.
Shaped punches use a secondary dowel for precise alignment.
Use of the TuffPunch® Center Dowel Punch and Retainer also eliminates hand-fitting, cutting mounting time by nearly 50%. Simply pull the retainer from its box, and screw it into the die set. This TuffPunch® combination gives you true dimensional accuracy every time.

Technical details

Scope of delivery: Retainer, 2 dowel pins Ø 6m5 with female thread, 2 screws



Retainer for ISO 8020
ART - for punches without flat
ARTS - for punches with flat (recommended for shaped punches)

Retainer for TuffPunch®
ARTF - for punches without flat
ARTFS - for punches with flat (recommonded for shaped punches)

Further retainers for headed punches
ORT with 25mm hole diameter for headed punches without flat
ORTS with 25mm hole diameter for headed punches with flat

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