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Information to UMIX cams

UMIX Cams impress with perfect handling and maintenance

The UMIX cam series are easily inserted and removed due to the adoption of the guide pin (shaft) structure (world patented), which maintains stability in the cam slides area. It is therefore easy to disassemble the slide cam out of the cam base or the die in which the cam is placed. This structure greatly reduces the assembly time and helps to improve efficiency at any stage of the process.

Compactness over conventional cam construction

Compared to a conventional type structure, the guide pin (shaft) enables the UMIX cams to be more compact. Therefore, the work surface is the widest element for most cams. Thus, the working width can be adjusted within certain limits to the design. The best: Width changes of the work surface are free of charge and available ex works.

Improvement in Durability and Stability

As its pressure source, UMIX cams adopt built-in nitrogen gas springs. It also has three more characteristics: oil-less plate(s) on each upper/lower slide surface (double wear plates), V-shaped section at the bottom of slide surface, and low center gravity. All of these features help to endure wear-out and uneven pressure, which leads to durability and stability. The cam slides from UMIX are designed for a lifting capacity of at least one million strokes.

UMIX Cams – Variety in Size

NZ1 cam series has the range of working surface width from 90 mm to 400 mm. With aerial cams there is still a width of 38 mm. The Z2-370 series has various types that cover from 500 mm working width to 1600 mm. UMIX cam series has a variety of angles in 5-degree increments, from 0 to 75 degrees for aerial and from 0 to 25 degrees for die mount. "Z2-370" die mounted cams have still types with extended stroke (110mm).

The location of mounting screws/dowels remains the same among "Z2-370-RF/TF". Therefore, depending on the circumstance, a cam can be interchanged to the one in a different force, even after the completion of stamping die. In the NZ1 series the versions RF, TF and BF.

Die Design with UMIX Cams

Data is available in CATIA-V5, NX, STEP, DXF(2D), IGES(3D) and PDF (download free). Please visit the UMIX Members Website (Free Registration required).