Punch and Die Punching systems Heavy duty punch blanks

Heavy duty punch blanks

Quick change punch blanks from DAYTON are available with ejector pin (BJB) and without ejector pin (BPB).
Ball Lock punches for heavy duty have a bigger ball and can compensate higher stripping forces

We etch all punches according to customers' wish.

DAYTON® JEKTOLE®, the punch version with ejector pin. During regrinding operation, the ejector pin is locked. Thus you do not lose time for disassembling the punch.
DAYTON® JEKTOLE® is patented under No. 2,917,960 und 3,255,654

DAYTON Keeper Keys are the perfect solution for regrinding.

Technical details

Material HRC
M2 (HSS) 60-63
PS 63-65

BJB with slug ejection
BPB without slug ejection

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