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Gas springs by Quiri

Dayton Progress distributes gas springs made by the company Quiri. Feel free to choose from 5 categories the perfect spring for your purpose. Quiri complies with the common industrial standard and offers you a range of dimensions and forces.

Available product categories:

  • Micro
  • High Power
  • Super Compact
  • Low Profile
  • ISO

Technical details

  Micro High Power Super Compact Lox Profile ISO
products RG19 RGP RGC RGH RG
  RMC RGT      
diameter range 19 to 38 mm 19 to 150 mm 25 to 150 mm 38 to 120 mm 38 to 165 mm
force range 30 to 25 daN 170 to 9500 daN 420 to 18300 daN 500 to 5000 daN 250 to 10000 daN
max. stroke 152 mm 152 mm   125 mm 125 mm


Spot on 2 representatives of UMIX portfolio:

ISO springs appeal by a high safety level.

  • Piston rod and housing are manufactured in one piece each.
  • After bright-chromating, the plunger rod is once more grinded (super finish), increasing the durability
  • Double seal and long guide srokes increase the durability
  • The oil tank for steady grease evacuates heat and thus increases the durability


Items of RGP category excel by high compression force at low profile. Like with ISO type, plunger rod and housing are manufactured in one piece each, thus increasing operation safety.

Additional features read as:

  • High temperature seal rings (up to 120°C)
  • Additional anti-extrusive seal ring to blind the oil chamber
  • The ordinary steel ring is replaced by a resin friction ring. Doing do, thermic conduction is minimised.