Increasing efficiency in the aluminium stamping process: Solutions from Dayton Progress

Increasing efficiency in the aluminium stamping process: Solutions from Dayton Progress

In a recent webinar, Dayton Progress and Oerlikon Balzers, two leading companies in manufacturing and coating technology, presented their latest developments and solutions for the aluminium stamping process. This event provided an in-depth look at the challenges and innovative solutions developed specifically for aluminium processing. Here is a summary of the key points:

Aluminium Stamping Solutions: Insight into the challenges

Aluminium, known for its light weight and excellent corrosion resistance, presents unique challenges in the stamping process. The main issues highlighted by Dayton Progress include the formation of built-up edges and adhesive wear caused by the softness of aluminium and its tendency to stick to the stamping dies. This leads to tool wear, poor quality of the stamped parts and a reduction in tool life.

Innovative solutions to overcome the challenges

Dayton Progress has developed several strategies to counteract these problems, including the use of the Jektole® and the customisation of tool geometry. By applying a relief grind, the pressure on the cutting edge is reduced and wear is counteracted. A key solution is the use of coatings such as Balinit® Triton Star from Oerlikon Balzers, whose extremely low coefficients of friction and high degrees of hardness are ideal for significantly reducing adhesive wear.

Partnership for success

The close collaboration between Dayton Progress and Oerlikon Balzers, based on a partnership of over 20 years, enables optimised resource utilisation and significant cost reduction by improving process efficiency and logistics. This synergy leads to faster development and implementation of customised solutions for the aluminium stamping process.

Conclusion: Pioneer in aluminium stamping technology

The combination of Dayton Progress' expertise in stamping tools and Oerlikon Balzers' leading position in coating technology provides efficient, durable and cost-effective solutions for aluminium processing. These innovations enable manufacturers to increase productivity, minimise maintenance and improve the quality of their products.

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