UMIX Download Area

Below you have access to several CAD data possibilities. A list of CAD files and the UMIX Advanced Cam Adapter.

Configure the fitting cam for your requirements:

To the configurator

The configurator is provided by UMIX CO., Ltd. and serves as a guide for the selection process.
DAYTON PROGRESS accepts no liability for the content or incorrect selection of cams.

You can find CAD-Data on the UMIX homepage.


CAD files for UMIX/JCM cam units

Please follow the link below to reach the database for CAD files for UMIX cams and pierce units.

Cam data base



New Catia V5 files for UMIX cams available

Feel free to design and download all types of UMIX cam suiting your project.

ADVANCED CAM ADAPTER System consists of two components:

  • Data management file as CATPart format
  • CATPart files of each single cam

The data management file comprises the entire intelligence one can expect from a cam adapter, yet only a default (dummy) geometry.

In return, the CATParts data of cams contain only the corresponding part geometry.

In the data management file, you select cam type, width and operation angle. After this step, CATParts grants you access to and command of an independent cam file offering all functions.

Like the initial CATPart design of a cam unit, replacing the configuration of a cam file already saved is fast and user-friendly. This service allows you to try different parameters or to replace components ater having saved the CAD file.

UMIX ADVANCED CAM ADAPTER includes every function stated in the OEM directive for cam data to be available in Catia V5:

  • cast pattern, milling volume(s), fit bores and tappings
  • cast shoulders /collars selectable as an option and variable in height and width
  • systems of vehicle axle included, depending of OEM design prescription
  • maximum values of cam body – dimensions and weight- as well as restricted areas included
  • cam may be depicted in sveral angles
  • contains bill-of-material parameters
  • and lots of other features…

If you wish to download UMIX ADVANCED CAM ADAPTER and further information, please click on one of the following links:

How to get the Advanced cam adapter?

Procedure in CATIA

UMIX catalog


Exemplary construction