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Stemple I matryczki Systemy stemplowe Stemple TUFF PUNCH do dużych obciążeń, z kołkiem centrującym

Stemple TUFF PUNCH do dużych obciążeń, z kołkiem centrującym

Dayton Progress TuffPunch® Punches and Punch Blanks for heavy gauge and high tensile material.

Dayton TuffPunch® products have a thicker head and are designed with a 10º-angled head with a diameter equal to the shank diameter. This design allows the perforating forces to travel up from the shank and completely through the head.

DAYTON® JEKTOLE®, the punch version with ejector pin. During regrinding operation, the ejector pin is locked. Thus you do not  lose time for disassembling the punch.
DAYTON® JEKTOLE® is patented under No. 2,917,960 und 3,255,654

DAYTON Keeper Keys are the perfect solution for regrinding.

We etch all punches according to customers' wish.

Dane techniczne

Material HRC
PS (PS4) 63-65
Head 40-55

SJ_F with ejector pin
SP_F without ejector pin

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