Stemple I matryczki Zrywacze Posi-Strip


The Posi-Strip Punch Stripping System features a self-contained punch stripping unit for applications where large stripper plates or pads do not fit or cannot be shaped to custom contours. The compact, all-in-one design is a lower-cost
alternative to custom built steel spring strippers. It is the ideal solution for holding material in compact spaces. Every punch can have its own designated stripper for more versatility and added flexibility within the die.

Dane techniczne

Assembly of the Posi-Strip

  • Backing Plug
  • Compression Spring
  • Bronze Stripper
  • Body


Four spring forces avaliable*

  • Extra light duty
  • Light duty
  • Medium duty
  • Heavy duty

*Please see the flyer for sping details

Youn can choose between 11 standard and 77 standardized custom shapes.

Product description

BT_J - Ball Lock heavy duty, regular length
CT_J - Ball Lock light duty, regular lengt
BT_E - Ball Lock heavy duty, extended length
CT_E - Ball Lock light duty, extended length
AT_J - Press Fit, regular lengt
AT_E - Press Fit, extended length