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Punch and Die Punching systems Change retainers

Change retainers

Change Retainer - Air Cylinder Type

Change retainers are used where different hole patterns are required. Various hole patterns can be accomplished without the need for multiple dies. Different parts, such as right and left hand can be run in one die.
Changing hole patterns takes only minutes, sometimes only seconds. A bar holding the punch in position is released to allow the punch to retract up far enough to avoid contact with the material.

Change Retainer - Manual Type

Manual adaptable retainer for processed where different hole patterns are required. No need for multiple dies.

Technical details

Scope of delivery: Change Retainer, all necessary screws and dowels, air cylinder and fittings. The fittings supplied are for 6mm tubing and 1/4” tubing. The metric fittings are blue and the inch fittings are orange.
Tubing is not included.*


Change Retainer - Air Cylinder Type
ARA - for punches without flat
ARAS - for punches with flat (recommonded for shaped punches)

Change Retainer - Manual Type
ARC - for punches without flat
ARCS - for punches with flat (recommonded for shaped punches)

*Air cylinder and fittings are not included in manual type

Ordering example

  • Typ
  • Diamater

Example: ARC10