Webinar Tailored Precision: Configure Your DIN Ejector Pins and Sleeves to an Accuracy of 0.01 mm

by Juliane Bartelt

In modern injection molding technology, precision and reliability are paramount. To meet the demanding requirements for manufacturing complex molded parts, MISUMI's DIN 1530 and DIN ISO 8405 ejector pins and sleeves can be configured to an accuracy of 0.01 mm. These components are designed not only for precision but also for durability and reliability. In this article, we highlight the benefits of these high-precision components and invite you to our upcoming webinar for deeper insights.

The Benefits of MISUMI's Custom Ejector Pins and Sleeves

  1. Tailored Precision MISUMI’s ejector pins and sleeves can be configured to an accuracy of 0.01 mm. This high precision ensures that the ejector pins fit perfectly into the mold and eject the molded part without damage. The ability to configure the components to this accuracy reduces the likelihood of fit issues and increases production efficiency.

  2. High-Quality Materials MISUMI uses only premium materials for the manufacture of ejector pins and sleeves. This guarantees not only a long service life of the components but also their reliability under the harsh conditions of the injection molding process. The high-quality materials help minimize wear and reduce maintenance costs.

  3. Simple Ordering Process MISUMI offers a user-friendly online platform where customers can easily configure and order their ejector pins and sleeves. The intuitive ordering process saves time and allows for the quick selection and ordering of the right components.

Invitation to the Webinar: Simplify Complex Setups To provide you with deeper insights into the configuration and application of DIN 1530 and DIN ISO 8405 ejector pins and sleeves, we cordially invite you to our exclusive webinar:

Webinar Title: Simplify Complex Setups – Configure DIN 1530 and DIN ISO 8405 Ejector Pins with VISI CAD and Mold-Ex-Press
Date: June 26, 2024
Time: 10:00 - 10:30 CET
Location: Online

Our Experts

  • Mojmir Kucera, Sales Person, Dayton Progress s.r.o.
  • Manuel Schneider, Business Development Manager, Dayton Progress GmbH
  • Makito Muramatsu, Manager of Press & Mold Division, MISUMI Europa GmbH
  • Marco Cattaneo, Product Owner for Production Software, Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

What to Expect

  • Optimizing the Configuration of DIN 1530 and DIN ISO 8405 Ejector Pins and Sleeves: Learn how to configure and customize these essential components with the highest precision.
  • Using the Advanced Features of VISI CAD: Discover the powerful features of this software to model and simulate your tool.
  • Utilizing Mold-Ex-Press to Simplify Complex Setups: Learn how Mold-Ex-Press helps you simplify complex configurations and optimize your production processes.

Register now and secure your free spot for this insightful webinar. Simply follow the registration link below:

Webinar registration link

The webinar is held in cooperation with MISUMI and Hexagon. We look forward to welcoming you online on June 26, 2024!

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