Interactive 3D die

Experience the product variety of DAYTON & MISUMI and come with us on a tour through our virtual die. Let us inspire you and get new informations and ideas for your design and your component procurement.

In addition to the standard parts, you will also find customized parts, which we manufacture according to your individual configurations. In this way, we turn your special part to a standard part.

By clicking on "Explore our product world" you start the virtual tour through our die. Make a pre-selection in the menu or click your way directly through the die and discover not only product-specific information but also interesting additional material. (Scroll very close to the die to discover all the small parts).

Have we attracted your interest? Then we are at your personal disposal.

Yours DAYTON PROGRESS - We care about your time!

To the 3D die!


  • Many years of experience
  • Large variety of products
  • Individual configuration
  • Very high quality